Young Women Values Necklace


Young Women Values Necklace

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16" or 18" sterling silver chain, 7/8" or 1 3/8" diameter medallion in pewter or sterling silver

The Tree of Life necklace makes a beautiful statement of what you believe. It incorporates all of the Young Women values as described below.

The Value Tree

Roots ground and give stability to the tree
and draw in all of the nutrients
that the tree needs to thrive and grow.

Divine Nature
As we open our hearts to the Lord,
He shows us who we truly are.

Individual Worth
As each flower is beautiful and unique,
so are each of the daughters of God.

The branches stretch out towards the heavens,
seeking knowledge and experience as they grow.

Choice and Accountability
The fruit symbolizes the many choices we have to make.
All we need to do is reach out and pick the good fruit.

Good Works
The bird busies herself building her nest and feeding her young.
When not doing this, she sings a song that enriches the world around her.

The trunk of the tree gives the tree its
integrity, shape and strength.

The circle that surrounds the tree is like
our virtue that surrounds and strengthens us.

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