Trek Values Apron + Free Pattern


Our stake Young Men and Young Women leave tomorrow for Trek, and  3 o f my 4 children are going.  They are lucky to be some of the few this year who will be going to Martin's Cove.  At the dedication of this site, President Hinkley said, "Go in a spirit of reverence and respect, and know that you are walking on hallowed ground."  My hope for my children is that they may be touched by the faith of these pioneers and that their own testimonies will grow, and they will carry strength and perseverance back home to be "pioneers" to face the challenges in today's world. 

In preparation for going on Trek, I needed to make an apron for my daughter, and loved the idea of her carrying the Young Women Values with her as she walked.  I used our Good Life panel from the shop and cut out some of the symbols as well as a set of mini values.  Each panel contains 8 sets of mini values, and 1 set of the large values.  I used the same method to attach them to the apron as described in the Values Banner tutorial.

This is a great sewing project for Personal Progress or as a weekly activity as it is all straight stitching and very forgiving of mistakes. Here's a free PDF pattern for your use.

A few tips to make this even easier - 

Using school glue to secure the pockets instead of pinning is much easier for a beginner, and you won't have to worry about breaking a needle on a pin.  Just be sure to use a small dot...not a puddle!  About 7 evenly spaced glue dots is all that is needed, and DO NOT glue the top edge.


Using Bias Tape for the waistband is also a time saver, and a little easier for a beginner. 





FREE PATTERN -- Wrap yourself up in inspiration

If you know a little about us at Seek Good Works, you know we love making inspiring, love-filled products, and these Heart and Soul Panels might top the list of our favorite labors of love. We designed the fabric line, Heart and Soul to have just that...lots of HEART and lots of SOUL! We also wanted it to be easy for you to make a quilt for a daughter or a friend without too much effort. This panel quilt is gigantic, measuring 56" x 66" and once you add on a border, it can even fit on a twin bed! Kate has been waiting for hers since she was looking over my shoulder as I was designing it, and it's finally done! We added minky on the back, filled it with bamboo lining for a feel of a quilt that's been in the family for ages. This is sure to be a treasure for Kate (and me!) as we wrap ourselves up together for the next "This is Us" episode and as she does the same with her own little family someday.

Get your free Heart and Soul pattern download  here

Get your free Heart and Soul pattern download here

heart and soul panel QUILT PATTERN


This heart and soul panel makes it easy to have a beautiful keepsake in not much time at all. get your free pattern here.

Heart & Soul Fabric Projects

The Heart and Soul fabric collection is near and dear to my heart. My youngest child (and only daughter) turned 12 the day it came out. It seems so fitting since she was one of my inspiration pieces for the line. I set out to make Heart and Soul and the panels that go along with it, something uplifting for her, something that she could read and feel loved and remember what's really important in life. I knew that if it would be inspiring for her, it would be for other people, too. As I write this post, Kate is snuggled up in it reading "Where the Red Fern Grows" and it makes my heart want to burst. Also, because she is almost at the end of the story and she's going to need some comfort soon.


I hope you find inspiration and comfort in my Heart and Soul Collection. I'd like to share some beautiful projects made from some amazingly talented women.


Amy Smart at  Diary of a Quilter  pieced this beautiful quilt. We look forward to her pattern coming out soon!

Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter pieced this beautiful quilt. We look forward to her pattern coming out soon!

Amy at Amaroonie Designs made all of these wonderful projects. Such talent and hard work!

Amy at Amaroonie Designs made all of these wonderful projects. Such talent and hard work!

Amber over at  Gigi's Thimbles  designed this pattern and made this quilt. It works so well with the collection

Amber over at Gigi's Thimbles designed this pattern and made this quilt. It works so well with the collection

Andy Knowlton at  A Bright Corner  made this beautiful quilt

Andy Knowlton at A Bright Corner made this beautiful quilt

Thanks to these amazing and talented women for sharing their gifts with us and showing off the Heart and Soul Fabric Collection.

2018 LDS Mutual Theme Printable: Peace in Christ

 I was so excited when I was asked to be the Young Women's Secretary in my ward, not just because my youngest child and only daughter, Kate just entered Young Women's, but it means I get to work with the girls in my ward and get to know them better.

One of my first callings when I first got married was Beehive Advisor. I was young and didn't have kids yet, and I made a printed and handmade quote for the girls EVERY WEEK! Oh my, times have changed. I know most women don't have the extra time to make something from scratch, so that's why me, as well as the other Good Works Girls, have a passion for making our products simple, affordable, and beautiful. 

The Mutual theme for 2018 is Peace in Christ, taken from the scripture found in Doctrine & Covenants 19:23 "Learn of me and listen to my words, walk in the meekness of my spirit, and you shall have peace in me."

We have made a FREE PRINTABLE set of bookmarks, tags, and stickers for your personal use. This would make a great little gift for the Young Women in your life.



 Download your free bookmarks and gift tags here

We also have additional products that will help make this year in Young Women feel beautiful, special, and just the right amount of coordinated.



Get the full collection here

We make it easy to get those invitations printed and delivered, as well as make the event feel special and well thought out.

These cutting files are perfect for bulletin boards, and other decorating in the classroom.

Binder covers, and editable agenda and birthday sheets to keep your organized!


This art print is the heart of the collection and comes in 5 different sizes

Plus, the complete collection comes with files perfect for your local screenprinter to make t-shirt, pillows, and whatever fun thing you can dream up!

Yay for the young people of this world! We are grateful for the chance to share our passion with you so you can share it with them. 



Young Women Birthday Gift Ideas

Our Peace in Christ printables have been a big hit this year! Our printables come with fun birthday cards, bookmarks, and art prints that are perfect to print and give as a simple birthday gift for your Young Women and leaders.


This year in our ward we are giving bath bombs! I didn't know they were all the rage until I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a full-on bulk purchase style display of them. And, man, did it smell like heaven. These are perfect for the young women that you love.

For our Young Women, we made these little tags that say, "Hope your birthday is the bomb" and thought you might like to use them, too! It's our treat.

Get your free printable tags here.

Free Birthday Tag Printable PDF

See the rest of our Peace in Christ printables here!

Enjoy and don't forget to lift and love! 

The Good Works Girls

General Conference Journal Printable

We, the Good Works Girls, are always looking for ways to get more out of life and the things that are important to us. We came up with this journal prompt page and wanted to share! Print these for you, your kids, and your friends. Pdf includes 2 sizes, 5x7 and 7x9. Use both or just print the one that works best for you!

Free General Conference Notes Journal Page

Free General Conference Notes Journal Page